I am amazed at how many of my problems – most of which had nothing to do with my addiction, I thought – have become manageable or simply disappeared since I got sober.

As sex and porn addicts, we generally understand that our addiction has created problems with our relationships and perhaps our physical health (STDs, unwanted pregnancies, etc.). What we often fail to understand is that our addiction wreaks havoc in all aspects of our lives. Our lack of focus at work keeps us underemployed or gets us fired. We no longer keep up our yards and homes and this upsets our families and neighbors. We stop going to the gym and get flabby. Our significant other, our kids, and our friends feel left out because we’re not paying attention to them. We are so interested in sexually compulsive activity that we just plain forget to live life. And because we’re not focused on our living our lives, our lives diminish and decay.

Just for Today
Identify three non-sexual and non-romantic consequences you suffered in your addiction. Share about this with your therapist, your sponsor, or in a 12-step meeting.