• Recovery Ruins Addiction
    Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

    Recovery Ruins Addiction

    Denial is the worst kind of lie because it’s a lie you tell yourself. In Alcoholics Anonymous, they say that nothing is worse than a belly full of booze...
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  • The Pink Cloud of Recovery
    Monday, February 10th, 2020

    The Pink Cloud of Recovery

    As recovering addicts, we must learn to enjoy the ups while staying prepared for the downs. Many sex and porn addicts experience a ‘honeymoon period’ in early recovery, in...
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  • Help from Your Higher Power
    Sunday, February 9th, 2020

    Help from Your Higher Power

    God has no religion. The 12 steps let us develop our own conception of God. As soon as we do this, in whatever way we go about it, even...
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  • Working Step 2
    Saturday, February 8th, 2020

    Working Step 2

    The addict’s definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. One issue that many recovering sex and porn addicts have with Step 2...
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  • Cross and Co-Occurring Addictions
    Friday, February 7th, 2020

    Cross and Co-Occurring Addictions

    You may have to fight more than one battle to win the war. Sex and porn addiction are not always standalone issues. In fact, most of the time they’re...
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  • To Tell or Not to Tell…
    Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

    To Tell or Not to Tell…

    The truth may hurt for a while. A lie hurts forever. If you are looking for advice that will tell you that after you cheat on your significant other,...
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  • Growth is Not Comfortable
    Monday, February 3rd, 2020

    Growth is Not Comfortable

    Stop accepting who you are. Start working on who you want to be. Are you comfortable with your life? If you are, consider that a warning sign because complacency...
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