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Falling down is how we learn and grow. Staying down is how we die.

In sex and porn addiction recovery, slips and relapse are relatively common, and they are usually not the end of the world. So, rather than looking at these events as disasters with no solution, we can view them as learning opportunities. In other words, setbacks should be treated as problems to be explored and solved rather than personal failures. After a slip or relapse, we can explore the ‘stinking thinking’ that led to our backslide, identify the trigger or triggers that pushed us over the edge, and devise ways in which we can handle ourselves differently in the future if the same or a similar situation arises. We can also explore other situations in which we might relapse, planning for ways to cope there as well. If necessary, we can tighten our sexual sobriety plan.

Task for Today
Examine the slippery slope that led up to your last episode of sexual acting out. Share about this with your therapist, 12-step sponsor, or a friend in recovery.