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It is vital that we accept imperfection in ourselves and others.

Holiday expectations can be overwhelming. We all feel like we have to cook the perfect meal, create the perfect decorations, and give the perfect gifts, and if we don’t, then we have failed and the holidays are a disaster. Unfortunately, life is not a Norman Rockwell painting. Cookies burn, our crazy neighbor hangs 40,000 twinkle lights when our three strings won’t work at all, and the directions for assembling our kids’ new bikes might as well be in Greek. If we can accept, with good grace, the holidays as they happen, however they happen, then we have a much better chance of enjoying ourselves and staying sober. So laugh about the burnt cookies and eat them anyway, be glad you’re not paying your neighbor’s electric bill, and take lots of pictures of the un-assembled bikes and post them on Facebook so everyone can joke about how mechanically inept you are. That’s all part of the holiday fun.

Just for Today
Accept your imperfections, as well as the imperfections of others.