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You can shake the monkey off your back, but the circus never quite leaves town.

A lot of times recovering sex addicts think: Gee, I’ve been through treatment and I paid a lot of money for that, and now they want me to go to 12-step meetings? Shouldn’t I be cured by now? The answer, of course, is no, because there is no cure for addiction. It doesn’t matter how good a treatment center is, it can’t and won’t cure an addiction. So, sex addicts don’t spend a month in treatment and then walk out the door perfectly OK. Instead, they depart with an understanding of their basic issues, some useful coping skills that can help them avoid relapse, and a plan for carrying sexual sobriety forward into their lives. The purpose of sex rehab is not to cure sexual addiction, it’s to prepare sex addicts for the lifetime of recovery to come.

Just for Today
Accept the fact that you will never be cured of your sexual addiction, but with daily work, you can keep it in remission.