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Gain power by accepting reality.

It may be an enduring aspect of human nature to always want a slightly better situation for oneself when facing a problem or challenge. It’s easy to envision that tendency by imagining generals going to war. Each general could always wish for more troops, a better position, a weather change that would favor him over his foe, and so on; all conceivably helpful aids, but assets which are completely out of his control at any given time. On some days our recovery program can look much the same – hoping for more money to suddenly come our way, wondering if an irritating coworker will call in sick today, wishing traffic would miraculously clear up, etc. Addicts who’ve been in recovery a while often smile as a newcomer shares such wishful thoughts. Then the old-timers will gently refocus the discussion to a deeper, more profound truth: that sobriety is about “living life on life’s terms.” While it’s tempting to wish we had some advantage in a situation that stumps us, the best we can do is to reach out to trusted advisors for advice and then give it our best effort.

Just for today
When you feel overwhelmed and find yourself thinking “If only…,” find a way to accept and face the situation as it is.