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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

The irony of love addiction is that love addicts are not actually seeking love. What they’re really chasing, over and over, is the emotional escape provided by the rush of first romance, technically referred to as limerence. Limerence is the relationship stage when intensity and infatuation rule the day. Limerence is when the heart races because you’re together and aches because you’re separated. It’s that brief period when literally everything about the other person seems fascinating and exciting – even the stuff that will eventually become annoying. Love addicts use the neurochemical rush of limerence to escape from stress, anxiety, depression, and other uncomfortable feelings the same way sex and porn addicts use the neurochemical rush of porn or an affair or a hookup.

Task for Today
Instead of lapsing into romantic pursuit or fantasy, be willing to feel your feelings, however uncomfortable that might be.