Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you figure out who you really are.

When we feel scattered and overwhelmed, it’s usually because we’ve got a 50-item to-do list. When this happens, our natural tendency as addicts is to make an inch of progress in 50 different directions without ever finishing a single task. And then we feel even more scattered and overwhelmed than before. In recovery, we can learn the 20/80 rule. We look at our list and ask, which 20% of my to-do list creates 80% of my payoff. Then we create a new list with a couple of high-reward tasks at the top of it. The payoff we get when one of these tasks is accomplished, because it’s a task that gives us a high return on investment, energizes us and motivates us for the rest of our list. Basically, we try to find the lead domino, knowing that if we push it over, the rest of the dominoes will also start to fall.

Just for Today
Search for the lead domino on your to-do list and knock it over.