Step 12: Living the Principles

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With integrity, you do the right thing, so you have no guilt or shame about your actions.

The work of Step 12 can be broken down into two parts: helping others to recover from addiction, and practicing the 12-step principles in all our affairs. The second part, practicing the 12-step principles in all our affairs, should be relatively easy. After all, we’ve been doing this with our recovery and most of our day-to-day life already, just by being in recovery and working the first eleven steps, and we have Step 10 (which we practice on a regular basis) to keep us on the straight and narrow. In Step 12, we merely continue implementing the work we’ve already done and are doing on an ongoing basis, applying the lessons we’ve learned to all aspects of our lives, not just our addiction.

Task for Today
Think of one way in which you are not living in full integrity. Apply the 12-step principles to this issue.