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Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.

Step 10 is the logical culmination of the previous nine steps. The first nine steps are about stopping the bleeding of addiction and then identifying and cleaning up the wreckage of our pasts. Step 10 begins the process of living differently in the present. Essentially, it is an ongoing version of Steps 4 through 9, where we take inventory of a situation, identify our part in it, and, when necessary, either self-correct or make an amends. Happily, having worked Steps 4 through 9 already, we are familiar with this process. The difference here is that Step 10 inventories deal with the present rather than the past, and the schedule for self-correcting and making an amends is ‘as soon as possible’ rather than waiting until we are spiritually fit and the time is right.

Task for Today
Think about your actions in the moment, considering your role in the events of your life.