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The Clinical Update, published by CACSW (the largest professional therapy organization in the nation), has reviewed Dr. Rob’s latest book, Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency, writing, “In his book Prodependence, Moving Beyond Codependency, Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW offers a provocative and new approach to working with caregivers of addicts that is useful and strength based. Dr. Weiss succinctly challenges, and in this writer’s opinion rightly so, the Codependent movement.” They continue with, “[Dr. Weiss] makes the case that although well-meaning, the Codependent movement often causes unintentional harm by ‘pathologizing’ those who love and care for addicts. Dr. Weiss asks the question “How is this helpful?” and proposes instead that we should provide our clients with a model of treatment that moves away from shame and blame, to one of viewing caregivers as ‘loving, caring, connection-oriented individuals in crisis.’ Dr. Weiss points out that ‘what typically does not work is telling loved ones of addicts that their desire is a manifestation of disease.’” The review concludes by saying, “Dr. Weiss’s book is well outlined, comprehensive and appropriate for those entering the addiction field, as well as for those of us who have been in the mental health field for many years and wish to re-examine and learn about other addiction models of treatment.”

We are pleased that the overwhelmingly positive response to the new concept of prodependence, created by Dr. Rob and implemented in our various webinars and drop-in groups, and in our Seeking Integrity treatment facilities, continues unabated, and in such a meaningful way. To read the entire review in The Clinical Update, click here. To learn more about prodependence, click here.