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All daily inspirations can be found in the book Sex and Porn Addiction Healing and Recovery. Used here with permission of the author. Click the book cover image to purchase the book on Amazon.

If the only prayer you say is “thank you,” that is enough.

As sex and porn addicts, we may have used our sexual fantasies and behaviors to numb out for so long that we forgot how to experience emotions in a healthy way—particularly uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, shame, and the like. As a result, sometimes, especially early in the recovery process, we can feel overwhelmed by those emotions, losing sight of what is going well in our lives and our recovery. A great way to combat this ‘stinking thinking’ is to create a gratitude list. Most of us find that a ten-item gratitude list counteracts almost any trigger toward addiction.

Task for Today
Write out a ten-item gratitude list. Carry it with you and refer to it often. Add to it as the day progresses.