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All daily inspirations can be found in the book Sex and Porn Addiction Healing and Recovery. Used here with permission of the author.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Managing the aftermath of sex and porn addiction is a difficult task, and we do much better in this work when we have external support. In the beginning, our primary support is often a therapist because that is the only person we’re willing to trust with our shameful behavior and secrets. Over time, however, we must expand our support network. We need at least a few safe, empathetic friends who understand the nature of sex and porn addiction and the steps of recovery. This is why group therapy and 12-step recovery groups are so important. This is where we meet the people who help us feel a sense of belonging, security, and healthy connection. The more secure we feel with these friends, the more able we are to confidently carry our recovering selves into the wider world.

Task for Today
Think of three people in recovery that you would like to be friends with and ask at least one of them to have coffee or lunch with you.