If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.

When we are new to sexual recovery, we can be excused for thinking a one-size-fits-all recovery program will be handed to us and all will be well. Of course, reality soon sets in as therapists, advisers, and others in recovery point out that while certain themes and processes are universal for all recovering sex addicts, a good deal of time and effort will need to be spent in tailoring our own recovery program to our specific life circumstance. That person in the 12-step sexual recovery group that we are told to emulate may have pieces of his or her program that we can learn from and emulate, but in the final analysis we are not that person and our recovery program must be tailored to our own specific needs.

Just for Today
Find one thing you need to do to support your recovery that your sponsor or mentor doesn’t. Talk about this in therapy or a 12-step meeting.