The truth may hurt for a while. A lie hurts forever.

If you are looking for advice that will tell you that after you cheat you should probably just keep things quiet for the sake of your relationship and your partner’s wellbeing (because learning that you cheated would be painful for her/him), you might want to quit reading and look elsewhere. Before you do that, however, you should know that the glue that holds healthy and enjoyable long-term relationships together is not sex or money or even the kids, it’s trust. When you violate your partner’s trust, you violate your relationship. And this is true even if you’re just keeping secrets as opposed to actually lying. (In fact, keeping secrets is just another form or lying.) So yes, eventually, as part of your recovery, you will need to disclose the full truth about your addiction.

Just for Today
Make a list of secrets you are still keeping about your sexually addictive behaviors.