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We can’t discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.

If you’re struggling to understand the ways in which sex addiction escalates, consider heroin addiction as an analogy. Nobody shoots heroin right out of the gate. Instead, heroin addicts ease into things by smoking marijuana or abusing a prescription medication. As time passes, their tolerance increases, and in response, their habits escalate. Maybe they start smoking pot around the clock, or maybe they start popping pills by the handful, or whatever. Eventually, even that doesn’t get or keep them high the way they’d like. At some point, they “discover” harder drugs like heroin, and they use that to feel high the way they used to. At first, they might just sprinkle a bit of heroin into a joint, or mix a tiny bit of heroin into the pills they’ve learned to crush and snort (for faster effect). Then, before they know it, and without ever making a conscious decision to do so, they’re cooking and injecting their new drug of choice. As sex addicts, our behavior escalates in the exact same way.

Just for Today
List three things you did in your addiction that you never expected to do. How do you feel about these behaviors?