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There is an undeniable strength in numbers.

Human beings are meant to work together, not to go it alone. For evidence, think back to prehistoric times when people lived in tribes. If we went hunting, we went in a group; otherwise, we were as likely to be eaten as to eat. And hunting trips could take a very long time, so other members of the tribe stayed behind in the cave and tanned hides to keep the group warm, gathered nuts and berries to eat, collected sticks for the fire, and did some rudimentary farming. For thousands of years, this type of communal living was the standard for survival. Because of this, our brains evolved in ways that encourage interpersonal bonding, and now we are wired to be dependent upon others. Yet somehow, in modern society, our intrinsic need for connection gets discounted. This despite the fact that endless amounts of research tell us that people who spend their lives ‘apart from’ rather than ‘a part of’ do not function as well as those who feel emotionally connected.

Task for Today
Ask yourself, “Who is in my pack?” If you don’t have a pack, ask another recovering person to have coffee with you.