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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Creating an effective sexual sobriety plan requires complete and brutal honesty on the part of not just ourselves but our advisors. Let’s face it, if we’re looking to justify the continuation of a particular behavior, even though we know that it no longer serves a healthy purpose, we can nearly always find someone to sign off on it (or at least to agree that it’s not a big deal). It is important for us to always remember that the purpose of creating a sexual sobriety plan is not to justify and rationalize problematic behaviors (or even watered-down versions of those activities); the purpose is to end sexual acting out and the incomprehensible demoralization it brings. As such, we need advisors who will help us identify and discard our rationalizations, minimizations, justifications, and denial.

Just for Today
Ask your therapist, your 12-step sponsor, and your friends in recovery to actively point out to you instances where they feel you are “feeding them a line of BS.”