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David Fawcett PhD, LCSW, and Robert Weiss PhD, LCSW

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When Is Residential Treatment the Best Option?

As expert clinicians, we understand that only so much change can be achieved in an outpatient setting, especially if the client has an extensive history of lying, keeping secrets, and living a compartmentalized life. While many sex and porn addicts, even those who combine addictive drugs and addictive behaviors like sex, can heal by seeing an outpatient therapist and attending support groups, plenty of others require more structure, more intensive therapy, and physical separation from addictive stimuli. Thus, a higher level of care. If addicts cannot stop their problem behaviors and remain sober despite outpatient work and support groups, then they are better served by treatment in a residential setting. If their loving relationships have turned into crisis centers filled with mistrust, rage, lies, secrets, and disappointment all around, then they (and their loved ones) are better served by treatment in a residential setting.

What to Expect

At our Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles treatment center, we provide a rigorous, private program for clients in deep crisis (relational, work, legal, and the like). Our program lasts two to four weeks, depending on client needs. We are experts in restoring the balance and trust required to move what feels like an unwinnable battle with addiction forward into lasting recovery. We are expert at working with addicts who have tried, without success, to solve their problems on their own or with lesser interventions. We recognize that some people, no matter their success in life, require a safe haven where they can safely and directly focus on their problems with sex, sex and drugs, and intimate relationships. The intensive, 24/7 experience we provide is like doing a year of therapy in a few short weeks. Thus, we are able to break through long-standing denial while identifying underlying issues and creating a workable plan for lasting sobriety and healing.

Advantages of Residential Treatment

Some advantages of Seeking Integrity’s residential treatment program include:

  • An intensive 24/7 social learning environment, where the clients support and learn from one another by building a community.
  • Total immersion in recovery, with 24/7 support from the treatment team for clients and their families.
  • Physical and emotional distance from the distractions of work, technology, conflict, addiction triggers and behaviors, and day-to-day life.
  • A controlled environment where all calls and emails are monitored to prevent a return to past problems while in treatment.
  • The opportunity to create a healing bond with other addicts – intimate friendships that can sustain healing for years to come.
  • Direct oversight by leading authors and experts working in intimacy/sexual disorders treatment and drug addiction treatment.
  • Regular clinical involvement with clients’ spouses, families, and involved clinicians at home.
  • Ongoing (and free) online involvement post-treatment for both recovering addicts and family members through alumni groups, webinars, discussion groups, podcasts, and more.

Contact Us

To learn more about residential addiction treatment and whether it is the right choice for you or your loved one, please contact us via email or call us at 747-234-HEAL (4325).