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The last thing I say on most phone calls is not goodbye but thank you.

To maintain long-term sex and porn addiction recovery, we need places where we can talk openly and honestly, without fear of judgment, about our addiction, including when, where, why, and how we are triggered. This is doubly true after we’ve been triggered and then struggled to halt the addictive cycle. By far, the most readily available safe (empathetic, nonjudgmental, and relatively private) place to do this is before, during, and after a 12-Step sexual recovery meeting. If no meeting is taking place at a moment when we need one, we can turn to our group’s phone list and call anyone on it. Having this handy list of phone numbers of supportive friends in recovery is essential when we have an urge to act out, when we need immediate help in a crisis, and when we simply want support and guidance from someone who ‘speaks our language.’

Task for Today
Call someone in your 12-Step recovery fellowship. If you’re not currently struggling, think about this call as practice for a time when you are struggling.