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I would rather walk every day in the darkness with a God who remains a mystery to me than in the light with a God I completely understand.

In some ways, Step 3—made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand God—is the first action step of recovery. It’s the first time we’re asked to do something. We are asked to ‘make a decision’ that outside assistance and guidance from a Higher Power will be accepted and followed. Of course, many of us balk at the ‘God’ language of this step. The good news is that the final four words of Step 3, as we understand God, provide us with a lot of freedom. For instance, a completely new concept of God can be developed, and that concept doesn’t have to be a spiritual entity. One popular option is turning God into an acronym, short for Good Orderly Direction, with that direction provided by fellow recovering addicts, sponsors, therapists, and supportive family members.

Task for Today
Release any and all bad memories of God that you might have, opening yourself to new ideas.