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Honest self-reflection opens the mind to reprogramming, change, success, and freedom.

Often, as recovering sex and porn addicts, we dread the thought of Step Four, of taking a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Because of this, we may try to delay Step Four. Some of us might stop working the steps altogether, deciding we can stay sober on meetings alone. Others might create excuse after excuse to procrastinate – pretending we’re stuck on Steps Two and Three, choosing to focus on our career or our relationship, switching sponsors because the old one seems too pushy, etc. Whatever our reasons, not working Step Four leaves us stuck in a rut, moving neither forward nor backward in our recovery. When this happens, we need to understand that working Step Four is the key to both internal growth and lasting sobriety. After all, Steps Five through Nine – the healing steps – all build on the work we do in Step Four.

Just for Today
Choose to not fear self-reflection. Instead, view it as a pathway to growth.