Concerned About a Loved One’s Sexual Behavior? This Page is for You

If you are on this page, it is likely that a loved one has cheated on you or is struggling sexually in some other important way. It is possible that he or she has been diagnosed with sex, porn, chemsex, or love addiction. Regardless of the issue, you are now looking for help with your own process of healing and recovery. 

In addition to blogs and podcasts, we offer two very useful options.

  1. Weekly meetings for loved ones working together in recovery
  2. Interactive Webinars

Weekly Meetings for Loved Ones

Weekly meetings are scheduled to help you meet and keep in touch with other betrayed partners and loved ones of addicts who are suffering and healing in the same ways as you. These are free, unfacilitated meetings that take place at the same time every week, preferably with the same core group of participants. These are not 12-step meetings, but if you want to conduct them as such that is your option. If you would like to initiate a discussion group, click here to let us know. We will respond to your request via email.

Interactive Webinars

As addicts and loved ones of addicts progress through recovery, they sometimes want to speak with an expert on the disorder of addiction, such as Robert Weiss or another member of the Sex and Relationship Healing staff. If this sounds like you, we suggest you sign up for our weekly Interactive Webinar series. To learn more, click the button below.