Being able to understand and navigate popular technology, including social media networks, dating sites, hookup apps, and porn sites, can seem like a daunting task. However, if you’re going to treat sex, porn, love, and chemsex addicts, you need to understand these technologies—because your clients are assuredly using them as part of their addiction.

Take our 30-question quiz to find out exactly how tech savvy you are, taking note of what you don’t know and might want to know more about in terms of staying current with the technologies your clients are using every day.

  1. How do most people access social media?
    a) Desktop computer
    b) Laptop
    c) Tablet
    d) Smartphone
  2. The most popular social network in the world is…
    a) YouTube
    b) Facebook
    c) Instagram
    d) LinkedIn
  3. Facebook is primarily used for…?
    a) Communicating about various topics with friends and strangers
    b) Video conferencing
    c) Advertising and marketing
    d) Staying in touch with friends and family
  4. Twitter is primarily used for…?
    a) Microblogging
    b) Video conferencing
    c) Advertising and marketing
    d) News reporting
  5. Google+ is…?
    a) A Facebook copy-cat
    b) A networking system for businesses
    c) A Twitter copy-cat
    d) A way to increase online visibility
  6. Instagram is primarily used for…?
    a) Texting and instant messaging
    b) Tracking users and their friends
    c) Photo sharing
    d) Sending and receiving online instant payments
  7. Snapchat is primarily used for…
    a) Instant messaging and multimedia
    b) Tracking users and their friends
    c) Sharing photos that ‘self-destruct’ after a few seconds
    d) Sending and receiving online instant payments
  8. LinkedIn is primarily used for…?
    a) Instant messaging and multimedia
    b) Business and professional networking
    c) Sharing photos related to specific topics or groups
    d) Sending and receiving online instant payments
  9. YouTube is primarily used for…
    a) Photo sharing
    b) Video sharing
    c) Business and professional networking
    d) Webcam sexual encounters
  10. What is an ‘adult friend-finder’ app used for?
    a) Seeking casual sexual encounters and relationships
    b) Online coaching and mentoring
    c) Building social and professional networks
    d) Looking up old friends with whom you’ve lost touch
  11. What is a ‘tube site’?
    a) A website featuring medical photos of internal organs
    b) An online map showing where to find different types of porn, set up like a subway map
    c) A porn site dedicated to male genitalia
    d) A porn site with ‘thumbnails’ previewing the content
  12. What’s the difference between talking to someone in a Hangout versus a FaceTime?
    a) Hangouts is a Google app, while FaceTime is Apple.
    b) FaceTime is for two people, while Hangouts is for bigger groups.
    c) Hangouts involve voice calls, while FaceTime involves video calls.
    d) FaceTime is for one-to-one meetings, while Hangouts is for group encounters.
  13. Which description best describes VR (Virtual Reality)?
    a) A headset that has a video screen
    b) An attempt to make computer graphics look more realistic
    c) A trend in online gaming
    d) A digital artificial environment that can feel like a real experience
  14. How is VR different from AR?
    a) VR is video, while AR is audio
    b) VR is used primarily for entertainment purposes such as gaming, while AR is used primarily for education.
    c) VR creates a virtual environment, while AR combines both virtual and real-world environments.
    d) AR is a more immersive experience than VR.
  15. What does a hashtag (#) do?
    a) Makes your post a higher priority than others
    b) Links two posts together
    c) Connects your post to a specific topics
    d) Sets a time-limit on how long your tweet will appear
  16. Which of the following is not an adult friend finder app?
    a) Grindr
    b) Pinterest
    c) Tinder
    d) OKCupid
  17. Can someone find out who you are on a search engine simply with a photo?
    a) Yes
    b) No
  18. What does ‘ghosting’ mean?
    a) Someone you’re dating, seeing, talking to, etc., stops responding and disappears without a trace
    b) Using the ghost emoji
    c) An attempt to mislead a user to hack their account
    d) Creating fake accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, etc.) as part of identity theft
  19. What does ‘trolling’ mean?
    a) Toll-free, online calling
    b) Polling using social media
    c) Exchanging emails
    d) Starting a confrontational social media conversation
  20. How much does it typically cost to access online pornography?
    a) Most porn is available for free, regardless of what is depicted.
    b) Online porn can be accessed on membership sites, usually with a monthly fee around $20 per month.
    c) Softcore porn is usually free, but users must pay for hardcore.
    d) Vanilla porn is usually free, with specialty porn (kinks, same-sex, etc.) costing quite a lot.

Answer Key

  1. D
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. A
  6. C
  7. C
  8. B
  9. B
  10. A
  11. D
  12. A
  13. D
  14. C
  15. C
  16. B
  17. A
  18. A
  19. D
  20. A