Our free resources website, sexandrelationshiphealing.com, provides fresh content daily, including information (try this article), recovery focused podcasts (here’s a great one), daily inspirations (check out this recent offering), plus more than 20 free webinars and drop-in discussion groups every week.

All of the offerings on Sex and Relationship Healing are meant as adjuncts to the outpatient therapy you provide. Our webinars and drop-in discussion groups are especially helpful with clients who resist participation in 12-step groups or are struggling to connect with other recovering addicts.

We assume you already know at least a little about this free resources website because, well, because you’re on it right now. That said, we encourage to fully explore this site to see all of the ways we can make your work both easier and more impactful. Two offerings you should definitely be aware of are our:

  • Weekly Therapists’ Consultation Group
  • Weekly Support Group for Professionals in Sex/Porn Recovery

For more information about these password-protected groups, email Tami@SeekingIntegrity.com.