Seeking Integrity was formed in 2018 to serve as one part of an integrated continuum of care for sex, porn, and substance/sex addicts. One of the main tasks we set ourselves was finding ways to help the helpers. By this, we mean our goals are to make your job as a therapist easier and to increase your overall success rate. Three years later, this is still a significant part of our mission.

No-Cost Assistance for Therapists

  • Weekly Therapist’s Consultation Group: This group meets every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon Pacific. If you need advice on difficult cases or feel able to offer advice to other therapists, please make this a regular part of your weekly schedule. (Email for the Zoom link and password.)
  • Support Group for Professionals in Sex/Porn Recovery: This is a safe space is for professionals who don’t feel comfortable being fully honest in (or even attending) local “S” meetings because they might run into clients. (Email for the Zoom link and password.)
  • Raise Your Profile: We’d love to talk to you about blogging for, appearing as a guest on a Sex, Love, and Addiction podcast with Dr. Rob Weiss or Dr. David Fawcett, hosting a webinar, or moderating a drop-in discussion group. (Email about writing, about podcasts, webinars, and drop-in groups.)