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This website presents illustrative stories about infidelity, addictions, and the process of healing. These stories do not ever identify specific individuals or their unique histories. We recognize that confidentiality lies at the center of both addiction recovery and every psychotherapeutic relationship, and we’ve taken measures to preserve the privacy of all real persons. The names in our illustrative stories are fictitious, and recognizable features have been changed. All people and circumstances portrayed are composite in nature. Each case history represents a great many individuals whose characteristics and experiences have been adapted conceptually, carefully altered, and combined to form illustrative examples. Any resemblance of such composites to actual persons and events is entirely coincidental. That said, individual members and users of this site may choose to share their personal stories of infidelity, addiction, and recovery, protecting their anonymity (or not) as they see fit.

We also want to make it clear that this website is not in any way about morality, cultural beliefs, cultural norms, or religion. It is not created as a challenge to those who enjoy recreational sexuality or “nontraditional” forms of sexuality either casually or as a lifestyle. Although there are many views about whether things like pornography, virtual sex, casual/anonymous sex, and nontraditional sex are right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral, it is not the intent of this website to define or address those issues in any meaningful way. As mental health and addiction specialists, that is not our job. Our job is to support every adult in his or her right to engage in any solo or mutually consensual (and legal) sexual activity or experience that provides pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfillment. We do not believe that anyone, therapist or not, has the right to judge what turns someone on or how a person pursues sexual fulfillment, as long as that person’s choices do not violate the intrinsic rights and safety of self or others.

Our primary goal with this website is to assist people who struggle with sexual infidelity and addictive sexual and romantic behaviors, and their betrayed partners, by identifying these problems as the chronic emotional disorders they are, and helping everyone affected by these issues understand they can be put into remission with proper care and direction. We also want those who are suffering from the effects of infidelity and sexual addiction to know that their concerns can be addressed without shame and without moral or cultural bias. Most of all, we want to offer hope, letting cheaters, addicts, and betrayed partners know that long-term change and healing really are possible.