Paid Support

Residential Treatment

Seeking Integrity provides 14-day to 28-day residential treatment for men struggling with sex addiction, porn addiction, and paired substance/sex addiction. We work closely with referring therapists.

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Three-Day Workshops

Seeking Integrity offers three-day workshops for couples.

Workshop for Couples

Consultation with Dr. Rob Weiss or Dr. David Fawcett

Dr. Robert Weiss, an expert on sex and porn addiction, and Dr. David Fawcett, an expert on paired substance/sex addiction, offer private online and in-person consultations to individuals and couples in need.

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Online Six-Week Workgroups

Seeking Integrity and Sex and Relationship Healing offer cost-effective, six-week online workgroups for male and female sex and porn addicts, and for betrayed partners and couples. We work closely with all referring therapists.

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Free Support

Clinical Consultations

Do you have clients that you struggle with? Cases that you’re not sure how to handle? If so, you can consult online (free) with Dr. Robert Weiss and Dr. David Fawcett.

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Sex and Porn Addiction Test

Seeking Integrity has developed a 25-question sex and porn addiction screening test (the SAPASA-2018). Therapists can download this free assessment tool and use it as often as they like.

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Presentations & Continuing Education

Dr. Robert Weiss and Dr. David Fawcett are well-known educators, presenting to professionals on a regular basis. Often, they provide fellow clinicians with an opportunity to earn CEUs.

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SRH Resources

The Sex and Relationship Healing website offers countless free and paid resources for both recovering addicts and their partners.

Resources for Addicts

Resources for Partners

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