My wife and I are so appreciative of the support of the webinars, discussion groups, and other resources you provide. Healing from my addiction is a journey that is filled with challenges, but this has also come with satisfaction and peace. I am so thankful for the help and for the process through this storm.

As a wife married to a porn addict in denial, I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of articles on porn and sex addiction, narcissism, and betrayal trauma. One day I found Dr. Rob Weiss talking about betrayal trauma on YouTube. He talked about his new site “Sex and Relationship Healing” for betrayed spouses along with sex addicts, and the groups here have changed my life.

The drop-in groups are fantastic because I can meet and talk to people who have gone through the same things I have. The groups validate that I am not alone, that I’m not broken, and I’m having normal responses. I don’t feel judged, no matter what I say. Whether or not my husband decides to get into treatment is no longer a big concern of mine. I have found help for me, and that is huge.

The webinars here provide a great opportunity to interact and ask questions anonymously, and to receive an honest (sometimes brutally) constructive response, which I could not expect or find anywhere else.

I was very surprised to find so much help for partners of addicts, as well as addicts. I love the interactive webinars. They are so informative, and I have learned so much. Being able to ask questions anonymously to experts is wonderful, and I have been able to get validation when I had been gaslighted into believing I’m a bad person for being angry.

These webinars and discussion groups are an incredible and free resource, invaluable for anyone suffering from sex addiction and their loved ones. Once you find this site you will no longer feel alone. It is a powerful and healing place where everyone is welcome.

Dr. Rob validates partners in their relationship with an addict, helping partners find the truth of their situation, and to cut through the lies and excuses to find facts and reality. I can believe what Dr. Rob says because, as an addict himself, he has lived the addiction and recovery experience.

Let me begin by saying thank you. I can’t tell you with words how much your content has helped me feel validated and encouraged during this very dark and often hopeless time in my life. I deeply appreciate all the resources you have thoughtfully curated to provide guidance and support to this community.

I am incredibly grateful to Seeking Integrity. Although I have not yet pushed my husband to attend the intensive (which I have heard nothing but amazing things about from my betrayed spouses’ group), the level of help they have provided to me, a betrayed partner, has been amazing.

I listen to the Q&A with Dr. Rob regularly and love it. He and Tami are both life-savers to me!

On the website I found Zoom calls with other betrayed spouses from around the world – with advice based on prodependence, not codependence. Learning I was not part of the problem has been so eye-opening. I learned more in three weeks on these calls than I had learned in the previous eight months. I am so appreciative for all of the kindness and help I’ve found during the worst time in my life!

I am currently attending Troy Love’s Zoom live partner group for the first time. I have listened to his groups/podcasts, etc., but this is my first time in this partner session. It is fantastic. His support and guidance is incredible.

I want to start this message by expressing my gratitude for you and all the work you do for addicts seeking recovery. My SA partner and I have been regular webinar attendees for well over a year now and you are always such a breath of fresh air!

First, I want to thank everyone at Seeking Integrity. I found all of you just days after my discovery day last summer and you have saved my sanity! You guys are the best!

I am grateful to Seeking Integrity for providing very relevant programming and offering diverse resources and information for both men and women. I value the groups that are offered, which are led by very reputable and well-known professionals. I have been blessed to gain expert knowledge and support which has been beneficial to me on my journey to healing.