Some of you have been to our webinars, where you see the host but none of the participants. This is a different way of working. We have structured these topic-focused, drop-in groups differently in the hope that you will use them to relate to and interact with one another, toward building healing-focused friendships. Think of the group like a potential team of “trusted advisors”. That said, these groups will have structure and guidelines in order for all to be safe.

The various groups created for education, support, and/or accountability on Sex and Relationship Healing, a Seeking Integrity LLC (“SI”) community, are offered at no charge. They are facilitated by professionals who volunteer their time. We welcome as participants those who self-identify as part of a specific group.

Each participant agrees to comply with the following guidelines/rules.

  • If you do not wish your face to be seen, please either cover your camera or press the “stop video” button after you confirm with the moderator that you are in the appropriate group. If your camera is on, remember that you can be seen. Make sure the view that the group is seeing is appropriate for a group setting. Please make sure you are alone or have headphones in so that no one outside of the group can hear the discussion.
  • Place your device on MUTE until it is your turn to speak to avoid background noise interfering with the general discussion.
  • Please be aware that the group is not a 12-step meeting (though we can recommend you to some).
  • Divisive topics (politics, religion, etc.) or “bashing” or name calling of someone in the group or outside (i.e., a partner or spouse) is not permitted as this creates an unsafe space for the groups rather than a safe community.
  • Be aware that this group is not a form of psychotherapy; it is for community building and educational support only. We do recommend that you support yourself in this work by getting a qualified local therapist. We can recommend one if you wish. Simply email us at this link.
  • The moderator may at any time interrupt a speaker or jump in should they feel it necessary. Please understand that our goal is to support the community as a whole. Those who speak too long or too graphically may be gently interrupted. The moderator may also put your audio on mute or stop your video if necessary. This is done not to embarrass you but for the health of the community as a whole.
  • In drop-in groups, you can see one another, so your participation is not fully anonymous or confidential. Though we DO NOT record drop-in groups, we ask that “who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here.” Sharing with your partner/spouse is a breach in confidentiality and can cause immediate removal from the group.
  • We are here to gain insight and support one another. We share our experiences, but we do not give advice. We can say what we have done, but we cannot tell others what to do in this space.
  • One of our goals is for each of you to meet like-minded people from all over the world to help act as your support and you for them. You are welcome to make any connections you wish and follow through on as you mutually think best. We ask only that if there is a problem with someone who contacted you (harassment, sales, missionary work, rudeness, etc.) that you stop contact with them and inform the moderator so we can review your process.