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Beautiful relationships do not just happen.

As sex addicts, we tend to hurt the people we love. The single biggest step we can take toward repairing our broken relationships involves empathy. Empathy, in case you are wondering, is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another sentient being. This is something that most sex addicts are naturally bad at. The good news is that even though emotional empathy does not come easily to most of us, it can be developed with practice. The bad news is that learning to decipher another person’s thoughts and feelings is not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Our betrayed loved ones will know we’re working on empathy when they can tell we’re really listening to them, and they hear us say things like, “I sense that you’re feeling some anxiety right now. Is that correct? And if it is, can you explain what you’re anxious about? I really want to understand what you’re feeling.”

Just for Today
Pay attention to what your loved ones are feeling, as well as to what they’re saying. If you are unsure of their feelings, ask.