Addiction knows no gender.

Female sex addicts can be more difficult to diagnose and treat than male sex addicts. This may be due, at least in part, to socio-cultural attitudes about sex. Men who have a lot of sex are often celebrated as “studs” and “players,” while hypersexual women are denigrated as “sluts” and “nymphomaniacs.” As such, male sex addicts are usually quite willing to discuss their sexual behavior; they may even be proud of their sexual adventuring despite the repeated and continually escalating negative consequences.Conversely, female sex addicts – even when they’re having sex just as frequently, in the same ways, in similar venues, and with the same basic consequences as their male counterparts – tend to downplay their sexual involvement, instead discussing their behavior in terms of relationships, dating, and intimacy.

Just for Today
Pay attention to the different ways you think about male vs. female sexuality.