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Common signs of love addiction include:

  • Using romantic intensity as a way to escape from stress and other emotional discomfort
  • Mistaking sexual and/or romantic intensity for love and genuine, lasting intimacy
  • Struggling to maintain the sexual/romantic intensity of an existing relationship
  • Feeling desperate and alone when not in a relationship
  • Using sex, seduction, and manipulation to hook or hold on to a partner
  • Using anonymous sex or porn to avoid “needing” someone
  • Giving up on relationships forever, and then looking for another relationship
  • Forgoing personal interests and beliefs to hook or keep a romantic partner
  • Skipping commitments to search for a new relationship or fix an existing relationship
  • Seeking a new relationship while still in a relationship
  • Feigning interest in unenjoyable activities to hook or keep a romantic partner
  • Choosing partners who are emotionally unavailable, addicted, verbally abusive, physically abusive, etc.

Just for Today
Examine your sexual and romantic history and look for signs of love addiction. Share about what you find in therapy or a 12-step meeting.