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God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

Unfortunately for sex and porn addicts, the process of locating a qualified treatment specialist is not always easy. For starters, a basic understanding of sex and porn addiction is not a standard part of the training for most psychotherapists. As such, sex and porn addicts sometimes encounter therapists who are unfamiliar with compulsive sexual behavior but knowledgeable about various related and co-occurring issues – most notably depression and anxiety. These clinicians often correctly diagnose and treat these secondary issues while never quite touching on the addict’s primary problem, the addiction, simply because they don’t know how to diagnose or address it. It is actually relatively easy for therapists who are not trained to deal with compulsive sexual behavior to misidentify the issue as a mood disorder or an early-life trauma reaction.

Task for Today
Ask a therapist (yours or just someone you know) what he or she knows about sex and porn addiction. Has that therapist received training/certification for treating compulsive sexual behaviors?