The Power of Ritualization

You can never really run away. The only true way out is in.

Ritualization is the part of the addictive cycle where our sexual fantasies move toward reality. This stage adds excitement, intensity, and arousal. We log on to the computer and go to our favorite porn site, or we hop in the car and drive to a place where sex workers congregate, or we book an out-of-town business trip on which we can act out sexually without restraint, or whatever. This stage of the addiction cycle is also known as the bubble or the trance because we tend to get lost in it. Real world issues and concerns disappear as we focus more and more intently on our sexual fantasies. This stage of the cycle (rather than actually being sexual) provides the escapist neurochemical rush that we seek. So we often try to stretch this stage for as long as possible – looking at porn, cruising for casual sex, chatting via webcams, and engaging in similarly ritualized behaviors for many hours (or even days) before we actually become sexual and reach orgasm.

Just for Today
Think about the ritual of your addiction. Then think about ways to interrupt the ritual and stop your addictive cycle.