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Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.

Almost anything, items both internal and external, can be a trigger for sexual addiction. Internal triggers typically involve some form or emotional discomfort—depression, shame, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, remorse, boredom, etc. External triggers can be people, places, things, and/or events. We must also deal with intertwined triggers (triggers that are both external and internal). For instance, if we argue with a loved one or have a bad day at work (external triggers), we are likely to feel anger, shame, and other forms of emotional discomfort (internal triggers). And our resultant desire to act out sexually might then be exacerbated by still other triggers (such as driving past strip clubs, prostitutes, and drug dealers).

Just for Today
Think about what you will do to stay sober the next time you are triggered to act out.