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Addiction is not rational. It is culture, habit, and craving.

Triggers are the thoughts and feelings that induce the strong desire – the craving – to engage in an addictive behavior. When addiction cravings set in, it is very difficult to stop the addictive cycle. This is why we sometimes find it so hard to remain sober, despite our best efforts. Unfortunately, almost anything can be a trigger – stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, depression, seeing an attractive person, a whiff of perfume, a sexy billboard, a scene in a movie, driving through a neighborhood where we once acted out, running into an old affair partner, the noise our phone makes when we get a text message, etc. Triggers are everywhere. In recovery, we must learn to not only identify them, but to combat them.

Task for Today
Identify your three biggest triggers and develop a plan for dealing with them in a healthy way. Make sure that plan includes talking about triggers with your recovery support network.