Becoming a Member of the Second Chance Club

Getting a second life is one thing. Making it a better life, that’s the trick.

After a natural or man-made disaster (hurricane, earthquake, airplane accident, etc.), we sometimes hear stories about someone who narrowly missed being involved due to a seemingly random event—a flight was delayed, they were sick at home, or they simply took a different route to work that day. Often, these Second Chance Club individuals experience mixed feelings of shock, relief, and survivor’s guilt for surviving while others did not. Many recovering addicts feel like they are in a version of the Second Chance Club, because the life path they were on in their addiction was undeniably headed towards catastrophes for their health, occupational role, and social/interpersonal relationships. Now, however, they can see and experience a way past what would surely have been a disaster (or a worse disaster than what they’ve experienced already).

Just for Today
List three reasons why you are thankful for your second chance at life. Share these with a friend or loved one.