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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

It is easy for recovering sex and porn addicts to become so focused on 12-Step meetings and therapy that we forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. As many of us eventually learn, forgetting about things other than recovery eventually becomes problematic. Recovery begins to feel like a chore rather than a privilege. To avoid this pitfall, we must spend quality time with family, enjoy a hobby, play games, exercise, enjoy sports, travel, and engage in all sorts of other enjoyable activities. Doing this is an essential part of the long-term healing process. Sure, sometimes we feel like we don’t deserve to have fun. When these feelings crop up, it is important to remember that having fun is part of the ‘daily medicine’ of sobriety. So regardless of whether we feel that fun is deserved, we must accept that it’s necessary – if for no other reason than it ‘recharges our batteries’ in ways that allow us to do the less enjoyable work of recovery.

Task for Today
Do something fun. Just because you want to. Pay attention to how this re-energizes you.