There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

Most of us seem to think about love as a feeling. Love makes us feel dizzy, silly, gooey, and just plain smitten. All at the same time. But ultimately, longer-term, that’s not what love looks like. Longer-term love is less a feeling and more a verb. When you love someone, your actions reflect that love. You are grateful for the relationship, you try your best to understand what the person you love is feeling, you figure out ways the two of you can disagree without creating rancor, and most of all you are trustworthy with that person. The best part about expressing love in this way – as a verb – is that doing so tends to not only build lasting intimacy but to re-create that wonderfully intense and enjoyable feeling of love.

Just for Today
Express your love for someone as a verb. Put it into action.