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Pretending that a problem is not a problem will not make it go away.

Sex addicts are masters of denial. We blame, we justify, we rationalize, and we minimize. When we minimize, we look at our problematic actions and unilaterally decide that no, they’re not really so problematic. We tell ourselves lies like:

I’m no different than any other single person in today’s world. All of us are logged on to hookup apps 24/7, waiting for our iPhones to buzz and let us know that somebody wants to have sex.

Being sexual with four or five different people in a single day is normal, or maybe I’m just better at hooking up thing than other people are.

What I’m doing is not a big deal, and the people who think it is are just being prudes.

Just for Today:
Identify at least one way in which you’ve minimized the nature and consequences of your sexual acting out, and then think about the real truth of your situation.