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Try not to become a person of success, but a person of integrity.  

A primary goal for most recovering sex addicts is developing what Dr. Rob Weiss refers to as sexual integrity. When developing a plan for sexual integrity, it is important to remember that your sexual desires and choices may be perfectly OK in your mind but a source of consternation for others in your life – your religious parents, for example, or your spouse who didn’t sign up for all of your philandering, or that person you’ve been fooling around with who is deeply in love with you even though you’ve not in any way returned that sentiment. Other sexual integrity questions can arise around things like porn use, what and how much you should reveal about yourself and your sexual desires to someone you’ve just started dating, same-sex attractions, bisexuality, kink and fetish interests, etc.

Just for Today
I will think about the ways in which my sexual behaviors have impacted the people around me.