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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Step 10 is usually done at the end of each day and on an as-needed basis. The as-needed spot-check version can be incredibly useful. This type of tenth step recognizes that if we are disturbed or upset, there is something wrong with either us or the situation around us and the issue is best looked at right away, before things escalate. If we are at work and become angry with our boss, a fellow employee, or a client, we can work a quick tenth step, pausing to look at the situation, making note of any part that we have played in it. Once we have a better understanding of what is happening and our role in it, we can more easily deal with it in an appropriate fashion. When we pause before acting to perform a quick Step 10 inventory, it typically prevents the sort of regrettable behaviors that later require a formal amends. In this way (and many others), Step 10 makes our lives much less troublesome and significantly more serene.

Task for Today
Think about the short and long-term benefits of spot-check Step 10 inventories.