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Seeking Integrity was formed in 2018 to serve as one part of an integrated continuum of care for sex, porn, and substance/sex addicts. One of the main tasks we set ourselves was finding ways to help the helpers. By this, we mean our goals are to make your job as a therapist easier and to increase your overall success rate. Three years later, this is still a significant part of our mission.

To this end, we have three flagship services. First, there is our residential treatment facility for male sex, porn, and substance/sex addicts. Second, there is our free resource website, Third, we offer low-cost online workgroups for both recovering addicts and couples impacted by betrayal.

We view all three flagships as adjuncts to the primary therapy you provide in your practice.

  • Our residential treatment center, Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles, was created to help you with difficult or struggling clients. Our focus is on breaking through denial, understanding addiction, establishing early sobriety, and preparing clients for the lifetime of recovery to come. We always work with and communicate with the client’s primary therapist (i.e., you) as part of treatment.
  • Our free resources website,, provides fresh content daily, including information (try this article), recovery-focused podcasts (here’s a great one), daily inspirations (check out this recent offering), plus more than 20 free webinars and drop-in discussion groups every week.
  • Online low-cost online workgroups provide psychoeducation and accountability for addicts and couples, freeing you up to focus on relationship strife, crisis resolution, trauma, and other underlying issues. Often, issues uncovered in homework assignments are taken to therapy to be processed and resolved.