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Don’t wait for the right conditions. All that you need for growth is available to you in this moment.

With Step 3, most sex and porn addicts prefer to think of ‘God as they understand God’ as something spiritual, even if it’s completely unrelated to the God of their childhood. If you want or need to reconceptualize your vision of God, the following exercise may help: Get a sheet of paper and draw a large circle in it. Inside the circle, write down attributes you would like in a friend or mentor—reliable, caring, non-judgmental, fun, smart, tactful, nice, etc. Outside the circle, write down attributes you would not like in a friend or mentor—angry, boring, vindictive, controlling, etc. Then grab a pair of scissors and cut away everything outside the circle, throwing that material into the trash or ceremonially burning it. The traits that are left, the items inside the circle, can then be used as your conception of God.

Task for Today
Think about your Higher Power as an understanding and supportive friend.