The path of recovery has many twists. It is wise to carry a map.

Sexual boundary/circle plans are created for three primary reasons: (1) to help us understand the nature of our addiction and to define our personal version of sexual sobriety (inner boundary/circle); (2) to help us identify “slippery” areas to watch out for (middle boundary/circle); and (3) to provide us with guidance when we are triggered and unsure about what to do next (outer boundary/circle). Knowing this, many of us choose to carry printed (or digitized) versions of our sexual boundary/circle plan at all times. That way, when they are triggered, we can look at our inner boundary/circle to see which behaviors are prohibited, our middle boundary/circle to see where we are being slippery, and our outer boundary/circle for a handy list of healthy alternative behaviors.

Just for Today
I will carry my sexual boundary/circle plan with me. If I feel triggered, I will read through my plan.