Even when you sleep, you can be working your program.

Hospitalized medical patients who have just experienced a sudden injury or physical illness routinely get prescribed a regimen of medications, diet, exercise, and therapies to regain their health.  Many are surprised when the nurse and doctor add “getting a good night’s sleep” to their treatment program. In the process of physical rehabilitation, doctors and physical therapists want patients to “rest, recover, and rebuild.” As recovering addicts, we also can benefit from rest, recovery, and rebuilding. And this process best occurs when we make adequate sleep a priority. Nevertheless, we often cheat ourselves of sleep, thinking we always need to be busy with recovery, and because of this we experience a variety of physical, emotional, and mental side-effects. Maybe it’s time to change this.

Just for Today
Ask your therapist, sponsor, and physician if you should make restful, restorative sleep a higher priority.