With integrity, you have nothing to fear since you have nothing to hide.

A primary goal for most recovering sex and porn addicts is developing what renowned sex addiction therapist Dr. Robert Weiss refers to as sexual integrity. Having sexual integrity does not mean that our sexual behaviors must conform with some societal norm, like only having sex in the missionary position with our legally married spouse. Instead, sexual integrity is unique to each of us, based on our background, values, and life situation. And nobody – not a therapist, not a 12-step sponsor, not a priest, not our mother – can or should try to tell us what our personal version of sexual integrity should look like. That said, part of having sexual integrity is understanding that others, most notably a loving partner (if we have one), can and often will be affected by our sexual choices. So as we develop our sense of sexual integrity, we should keep that tenet in mind.

Just for Today
Consider what sexual integrity might mean for you, including how your definition of sexual integrity might impact others.