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Integrity is the essence of everything successful.

A primary goal for most recovering sex addicts is developing what noted sex addiction therapist Dr. Rob Weiss refers to as sexual integrity. Sexual integrity looks different for every person, but there are some basic tenets that apply to everyone. Most notably, sexual integrity involves honesty about what turns you on and transparency about all aspects of your sexual and romantic history. If you are completely honest about these things with yourself and with your long-term intimate partner, and in a boundaried way with any new sexual/romantic partners, then you will have sexual integrity. The best thing about sexual integrity is that if you are honest, transparent, and risk vulnerability by recognizing and revealing your deepest desires and hopes, you are much more likely to feel loved, intimately connected, and valued – and to have a rewarding and fulfilling sex life.

Just for Today
Think about how nice it might feel to no longer keep parts of your sexual and romantic life secret.