Fire cannot be made with dead embers.

When new to sexual recovery, we often balk at the suggestion that we need to attend 12-step meetings every day. If so, we are usually asked, “Did you act out every day?” Then we are told that if we did, we should also go to a meeting every day. If we balk at this commitment, we are asked, “How many hours per day did you spend on your addiction?” Then we are told, whatever our answer, that we can surely devote at least one hour to our recovery. And when we wonder how long this daily regimen must last, we are asked, “How many years did your active addiction last?” By then, we’ve usually caught on to the fact that daily meetings are a good idea.

Just for Today
Commit to 90 meetings in 90 days. If your town does not have daily meetings, commit to an online meeting or to calling a fellow recovering addict on days without a meeting.